Building History

  These buildings are located in Historic Downtown Port Huron.  It has been thought that the buildings were constructed somewhere between 1865 – 1890, at a time when Port Huron had a population of 8,674 with 5 schools, 1500 pupils, 26 teachers, 7 churches and 17 hotels.  The building is a typical turn of the century building with many of the architectural  features still intact.  Loosely Italianate in appearance, this building was apparently two separate buildings when initially constructed. A photo dated 1865 shows a building identical to the northernmost storefront,  but only two stories in height.  Apparently a second identical storefront was added to the building after this.  Sanborn Insurance maps for 1898, 1892, and 1887 all indicate the presence of two adjoining brick buildings on the site,  the northernmost containing two storefronts, the southern only one storefront in width, both being two stories in height.  By 1903, an edifice matching the current three-storied block is indicated.  Photos of the streetscape prior to this illustrate that the two buildings were very different, but the northernmost building had window hoods identical in form and height to those present on the current building.  It seems, therefore, that at about the turn of the century the buildings were  enlarged, with the southern building altered to match the appearance of  the northern building, with a third story added to the whole.

 The history of the building involves many professional offices and downtown merchants that were involved in the early days of Port Huron.  Known as the Taylor Building, it has housed Charles F. Taylor Company, a dealer in a full line of hardware, paints, stoves, tin-ware and furniture.  Some other occupants included Atkinson & Stephenson Law Firm; Integrity Lodge No. 179, (A. B. McCollum, Dictator); Ernst W. Orttenburger, harness maker; Charles. F. Mudford (manufacturer of a good 5 cent smoke), Brennan Furniture; Milton’s Clothes; the Ritz Theater; J. E. Williams and Son Coal offices; Ritz Hart, Inc.; Kellogg Corset Shop; Lowell Automatic Music Co.; The National Credit Clothing Co.; The Kay Shop; Andy Thomas Men’s Wear;  King’s Clothing; DeZell’s Shoes; George’s Shoes; Fantasyland Arcade; Bojo’s Jeanery and the Maternity Closet.  In more recent times, these buildings were occupied by Morning Star Moccasins & Gifts; Michigan National Bank; Detroit Edison Company; Schultz Travel, Inc.; Border Cats and the Harris House.  The second floor housed the offices of many professional men, but due to a change in numbering that occurred around 1900, it is difficult to decide the exact names of all the tenants.  It is enough to say that this block contained the offices of the key founders of our community.

In October of 2006 the buildings were purchased by McKeough LLC  for the purpose of building residential lofts on the 2nd and 3rd floors while retaining the main or 1st floor for retail enterprises.