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 Port Huron has celebrated it’s 150th birthday.  From the prehistoric group of Indians called the Mound Builders, to our present day population; the area  around Port Huron has provided the necessary means of living and working and enjoying the beautiful and bountiful land surrounding Port Huron.  

Downtown is experiencing a renaissance of its own with the revitalization of historic storefronts and streets.  We invite you to be a part of this celebration and accept the hospitality that Port Huron offers.

What's Up in Port Huron


 There's a lot to do in Port Huron. With its location on Lake Huron and the St. Clair River, there are many outdoor activities to participate in. Sandy beaches, friendly parks, and convenient marinas are just a few of the outdoor attractions Port Huron has to offer. 

Besides beautiful outdoor scenery, Port Huron has a lot to do when you're off the water. It's historic downtown shopping district, with unique and  interesting shopping and dining experiences, offers something for everyone. A variety of newly refurbished lofts and apartments offer residential options convenient to amenities.  The City's boardwalk provides excellent views of the St. Clair River and the passing freighter traffic.

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The City's boardwalk provides excellent views of the St. Clair River  and the passing freighter traffic. It serves as a link in the Bridge to Bay Trail System.

Port Huron also boasts several world-class museum attractions including the retired Coast Guard Cutter Bramble, and the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.

Map of Points of Interest,

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Historic Downtown Port Huron

Huron Lightship

Port Huron Museum

Bayview Mackinac Sailboat Race Blue Water YMCA 

Bridge to Bay Trail 

City Marinas

 City Parks and Beaches 

Edison Depot Museum 

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

 Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping

 Huron Lady Tour Boat 

Knowlton's Ice Museum of North America

McMorran Place Sports and Entertainment Center

 Michigan Historical Markers

 Port Huron Civic Theatre